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  Tactics For Today: Practical Job Searching Techniques You Can Use Right Now
by Michelle Dumas - Jan, 2014
People are currently filling the jobs you may have had in mind. They were smart to plan their job search last summer and got serious about it in the fall. They interviewed in November and December, and walked into their new offices this January. Tip #1 – Do not wait: Make a job search your idea. Job searching takes planing, passion, and persistence. It also takes some practical tips that you can use right now. Do not w...
  The Myth of the 10,000 Hour Rule – Why Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jan, 2014
"Ask the great athlete or the concert pianist or the successful actor if they arrived at the place where they need no further practice. They will tell you that the higher you climb in proficiency and public acceptance, the greater the need for practice." ~ Eric Butterworth from Spiritual Economics People who can stay on mission and on task with focused intensity for an entire decade are often world-class in their chosen are...
  Career Stalled? 5 Tips to Get It Moving Forward
by Louise Garver - Jan, 2014
At some point in your career you may experience dissatisfaction with your job or where your career is headed. Whether you are bored with your current job, didn’t get the promotion you deserved, or no longer think there is a good fit with your current employer—it may be time to consider what’s next in your career. If you ask 20 people what steps you should take to move your career forward, they will probably give you 20 dif...
  You WILL Get Googled…Are You Afraid?
by Joshua Waldman - Jan, 2014
I tell my clients that they will be Googled as surely as it will rain in Portland. The latest survey said that 81% of employers WILL Google candidates. Online reputation management is a critical piece of your online job search. There is just no getting around it. Quick story, when I Googled my name 1 year ago, I was a convicted felon and a prolific New York Gynecologist, neither profession was something I wanted to be...
  Why Personal Branding Matters In Your Job Search: What You Must Know
by Michelle Dumas - Jan, 2014
“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business”. ~Warren Buffett There’s a line in an old song that goes “The old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be”. Replace “old grey mare” with “search for a job”, and you’ve got a catchy little phrase that describes what job hunting is like today. Put another way, the traditional, tried and true methods of pursuing new e...
  Exploring the Confidence Gap
by Kristen Carter - Jan, 2014
In a recent article titled, “New Study: Job Seekers Overconfident in Their Ability,” J.T. O’Donnell referenced the third annual Job Preparedness Indicator (JPI) study, recently completed by the Career Advisory Board. This survey identifies the gaps between the skills job seekers say they possess, and the skills employers are seeking to fill their positions. It revealed that 72 percent of job seekers possess the confidence to p...
  Informational Interviewing
by Kalindi Garvin - Jan, 2014
You’ve no doubt heard about informational interviewing but you may be wondering just what it is and how to go about it. Today’s post focuses on just that in hopes that you can utilize informational interviewing to expand your professional network and learn more about the potential opportunities on your horizon. Informational Interviewing According to Wikipedia, “ An Informational Interview is a meeting in which a job s...
  10 Strategies to Stand Out from the Crowd at a Career Fair!
by Sharon Cohen - Jan, 2014
How can you stand out? Who are you hoping to meet? What can you offer an employer? What are you hoping to learn? As part of the Career Management team, at Georgia State University's Robinson College, our business is to provide career management advising for job seekers and recruitment support for employers. We have 8,000+ students each semester and 11,000+ recruiters in our job-board databases. We host many, large...
  Leverage Your Network to Make Things Happen
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2014
Success doesn't happen overnight. In fact, it may take years for you to have business success. That is why it is important for you to continuously build business relationships. With the right relationships, you can generate success sooner than later. Once you have established credibility and trust with certain people in your network, you can reach out to them for help. Your network can be a great source of client refe...
  Promote Your Personal Brand
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2014
Just as a business markets its products or services, you should market your own expertise. Personal branding is critical for today's business professionals to stand out from the crowd. Your brand is your identity. It is how others perceive you or your organization. Businesses spend a lot of time and resources creating Quality Logo Products and promotional items as part of their marketing efforts to potential clients. Tak...
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