Company Overview

The Texas National Guard offers a host of opportunities and benefits, many of which are found nowhere else. Citizens from El Paso to Galveston become Citizen-Soldiers for reasons as varied as the Texas landscape. Most of these reasons fall into one of five categories: Training, Education, Adventure, Money, and Service (TEAMS).


If you have a career goal in the private sector, there are usually corresponding careers in the Texas National Guard. We provide the training and experience you need to get ahead, opening doors to some of the hottest industries and most coveted careers.


Put a college degree on your resume. Whether you're finishing high school or seeking a graduate degree, we have education benefits that work for you. Get help with tuition, guidance, administrative assistance and more.


You have the opportunity do things in the Texas National Guard that you can't do almost anywhere else. When you're in the Guard, adventure is everywhere you turn.


We have enlistment bonuses and incentives that put extra money in your wallet. And, while you serve part time - collecting a monthly Guard paycheck - you can maintain your full-time career or education.


As a member of Texas National Guard, you strive to stay ready every job you may be called to do - to help a neighbor in need during a natural disaster, or deploy overseas when your country needs you. The Guard serves a critical role in keeping Texas safe, as well as being an important part of our nation's military.


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Texas Army National Guard
Number of Employees
500 or more
2200 W 35th St Bldg 15
Austin, TX